Hello World

Welcome to my #100DaysOfCode project website.

NOTE: This site will be in constant flux and changing during the 100 days of this project.
Clone this project and make your own site!

I created this mostly as an exercise in daily documentation and social interaction. The project management part is generally easy as we’ve been managing clients and projects in our company, Bare Feet Studios, LLC since 1996.

Please subscribe to my weekly email for sneak peeks on projects and what I found most interesting and/or difficult that week. It’s short, text-based, and also a work in progress. 😄

What this project/site is:

  • A playground for me to experiment and extend my knowledge and experience building static sites in 11ty and using TailwindCSS.
  • A place to document what I do and learn during the #100DaysOfCode.
  • A site to serve as reference for future projects.
  • An exercise in “getting back into social media” after dropping out several years ago out of frustration with what social media has become.

What this site IS NOT:

  • A tutorial site with step-by-step instructions.

IF you are new to static site generators like 11ty, or you are like me and began programming in high school in 1983, and spent the last 22+ years working professionally with a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) and are wondering what all this Node.js and JAMStack stuff is, drop me an email and I would be happy to consult with you and provide step-by-step instructions on how to get started and host blazingly fast and secure sites for free.

Here’s the original #100DaysOfCode project video:


Oh… And I’m also doing #100DaysOfArt on my Instagram if you’re interested in how an Artist & Programmer merges those two seemingly disparate worlds…